Scotland’s referendum – the problem that cannot be solved

Since the dawn of time man (and woman always implied) have been faced with problems.  Some have been fixed quickly other have taken decades or generations.  Sooner or later, we have solved our problems no matter how big, how complex or how costly.  You could even say ‘there isn’t a problem, man can’t solve.

But you would be wrong.  There is a problem that man has never solved and will never solve.

You cannot solve the problem you don’t know you have – it’s that simple.

You may not know about the problem at all.  You may know about it but don’t consider it a problem, or you may even chose to ignore it and hope it goes away.  Either way, you will never solve this problem because you are not trying to!

Very, very occasionally a problem left, simply goes away.  Most of the time the problem remains and all too often the problem becomes a serious issue, then a disaster … and then it’s too late.

Whatever the reason, just because you don’t know about it or chose to ignore it, the problem is still the problem.  The truth is you are not doing anything about it, either consciously or unconsciously.

I passionately believe those Scots who are determined to vote NO in Scotland’s referendum or not bothering to vote at all and to a lesser extend the Don’t Knows fall into one of the categories of not knowing there is a problem, knowing but not caring about the problem or simply choosing to ignore it.  Whatever is true, the problem remains and it will never be resolved; but it may get worse, it may get very much worse.

I said earlier that sometimes when you ignore a problem it resolves itself.  Well,


So what is this problem?

Well, there are many parts to this problem.  The problem is a whole collection of problems.

If a whole country is governed by another country, that country will ultimately NOT act in the best interests of the country it rules; because it answers to it’s own people, it’s own electorate.  There is no such thing as an altruistic Government – no such thing.  And if you think there is then, sorry but you are STONE MAD.  This must be a problem.

When the Government of one country decides to dump its nuclear capability and all the risks that entails on the country they rule and ignore all attempts by that country to rid themselves of that threat – this must be a problem.

When a country is massively in debt with no prospect of clearing it off and the country they rule has a massive asset windfall, i.e. North Sea oil and gas, so they take all of the windfall, give them back a tiny amount to shut them up then lie and cover up the true value of that asset – this must be a problem.

If we believe we live in a democratic country, governed by another country and realise that we are outnumbered 11:1 such that we cannot influence the choice of government and cannot hold that Government to account – this must be a problem.

When our country’s principal industry is too big to fail and requires Government investment to enable it to succeed in a competitive market and the Government refuses that support, allowing that industry and all its subsidiary industries and support industries to fail then dismantles the infrastructure that could enable a future resurrection – I am of course referring to Scotland’s shipbuilding industry – this must be a problem.

When a country is ruled by another country but given its own Parliament but that Parliament has no revenue raising power and exists on UK Government handouts or pocket money – this must be a problem.

When the Government that rules your country uses your country as a test bed for potentially inflammatory social policies – this must be a problem.

When your ruling Government curtails your budget then blames your country’s Government for under-investment in services – this must be a problem.

When you have an opportunity in a referendum to chose to rule your own country and you are promised no external interference then the ruling Government do everything in their power including colluding with the media, other countries and trading partners to influence the outcome of the referendum – this must be a problem.

When the ruling Government broadcast threats, scaremongering stories and blatant lies about the dire consequences of voting for freedom to rule your own country – this must be a problem, THIS MUST BE A HUGE PROBLEM.

If these scenarios related to two countries other than Scotland and England we would be horrified.

However, for some reason there are Scots who are unbelievably ‘not aware’ of these problems, don’t believe these are problems or bury their heads in the sand and imagine these problems will simply sort themselves out and go away – then,


Just because YOU don’t see these scenarios as problems DOES NOT stop them being problems.

No rational person on this planet would fail to see these scenarios as serious problems.


1st & 2nd World countries, uneducated peoples and peoples in 3rd world countries would be horrified to learn of these facts.  When they discover this is the situation in the United Kingdom they must be amazed – unless of course they are one of the 60 countries that have already broken free from rule by Westminster.  No matter their current state you would not find a single country wishing to return to Westminster domination

So here’s the thing.  There is a way to solve the problem that cannot be solved – you’ve probably guessed it – recognise it as a problem and do something about it.

That’ll be a YES


Here is a list of countries that have gained independence from the United Kingdom.  They are all very different, very unique countries.  However, they all have one thing in common, can you guess?  none of them would ever consider rejoining the UK, ever.

Afghanistan 1919
Antigua&Barbuda 1981
Australia 1901
Bahamas 1973
Bahrain 1971
Barbados 1966
Belize 1981
Botswana 1966
Brunei 1984
Canada 1867
Cyprus 1960
Dominica 1978
Egypt 1922
Fiji 1970
The Gambia 1965
Ghana 1957
Grenada 1974
Guyana 1966
India 1947
Israel 1948
Iraq 1932
Ireland 1922
Jamaica 1962
Jordan 1946
Kenya 1963
Kiribati 1979
Kuwait 1961
Lesotho 1966
Malawi 1964
Malaysia 1957
Maldives 1965
Malta 1964
Mauritius 1968
Myanmar 1948
Nauru 1968
New Zealand 1840
Nigeria 1960
Pakistan 1947
Qatar 1971
Saint Lucia 1979
Saint Kitts & Nevis 1983

Seychelles 1976
Sierra Leone 1961
Singapore 1963
Solomon Islands 1978
South Africa 1931
South Sudan 2011
Sri Lanka 1948
Sudan 1956
Swaziland 1968
Tanzania 1961
Trinidad & Tobago 1962
Tuvalu 1978
Uganda 1962
United Arab Emirates 1971
United States 1776
Vanuatu 1980
Yemen 1967
Zambia 1964
Zimbabwe 1980

I have left a space for Scotland, please don’t be a waste of space!

  3 comments for “Scotland’s referendum – the problem that cannot be solved

  1. Patricia van der stighelen
    July 16, 2014 at 7:43 am

    Well said H shared it on Facebook hope that’s ok’s already been shared couple if times so far …..brilliantly put

  2. Finnula
    July 19, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Well said – let’s hope the No’s, Don’t knows & Can’t be arsed TAKE HEED , for I won’t be able to forgive them for voting against their Nation – oh cowards of Scotland, when will we see your likes again, too scared to vote for your wee bit hill and glen!

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