When will we ever learn? The traditional media are dictating our agenda. This is not a struggle for Independence – this is a struggle for Self Determination

The very terms Independence conveys a sense of isolation a sense of breaking away from a secure dependency. Scotland is not the land of benefit scroungers - Scotland is a very rich and very talented nation next door to and run by a very financially challenged and belligerent neighbour who outnumbers us 11:1 - so, we need to get smarter, much smarter

The EU – SNP’s big mistake

So, here’s the thing.  When you don’t have to make a decision – don’t make one – simple; and that was the SNP’s big mistake. In terms of democracy, the simple fact is that Scotland’s voice in the EU referendum was so minuscule it did not matter.  The EU referendum, just like General Elections are fought and decided in England…