Scotland’s Real Education Crisis

I listened to David Mundell interviewed with Gordon Brewer.  Listening to him bleating on about how well Scotland is doing makes my blood boil.  As the LabConDems point out, education is the problem – yes, but not the lie they tell.  Read on please …

Questioned about the Tory alignment with the DUP and the impact on Scotland if the DUP get a special deal Mundell rabbited on about the Barnett formula.  It was almost as if he knew what he was talking about? – but of course he doesn’t and he doesn’t care anyway – because that is not his role.  He is a pseudo Longshanks and his mission is very, very specific.

Once again and I keep harping on about this, the political scene is flooded with solicitors and journalists.  Put most together and their commercial wit wouldn’t qualify them to run a sweet shop.

When he kept harping on about the Barnett Consequentials and expressing how well Scotland was doing I was furious.  Here is a quote regarding the Barnett Formula, which was only ever meant as a temporary measure:

‘The Barnett formula is said to have “no legal standing or democratic justification”,[3] and, being merely a convention, could be changed at will by the Treasury. In recent years, Barnett himself has called it a “terrible mistake”.[4] In 2009, the House of Lords Select Committee on the Barnett Formula concluded that “the Barnett Formula should no longer be used to determine annual increases in the block grant for the United Kingdom’s devolved administrations… A new system which allocates resources to the devolved administrations based on an explicit assessment of their relative needs should be introduced.”[5]

Even Barnett recognised the serious limitation in running a country with its multiplicity of opportunities and challenges over time on a simple and static formula.  Aside from anything else, it is a ‘formula for servitude’.

And now the truth …

Sure, Ireland and Wales have their own Barnett formula applied but what exactly do these countries contribute to Westminster that is so precious to the UK? The fact that Scotland was given a special deal by respective Governments is a massive clue and this is part of Mundell’s role; to draw attention away from the truth.

Without Ireland or Wales, England would simply carry on oblivious to the loss.  Without Scotland, England would be on it’s knees immediately, finished kaput, game over.  England runs a massive debt.  Most of the UK’s £1.8 Trillion debt is appropriate to England.  Like the US, they have been printing money and borrowing like there are no tomorrows.  The US have something like $331 Trillion debt making them the poorest nation on earth, like no other.

Westminster continually borrows just to ‘keep the lights on’ and the economy really just makes the payments on the borrowing – hence the UK is really a ‘Zombie Economy’.  Of course nobody and certainly not nations can borrow without collateral.  So, Westminster use their stock of Wensleydale cheese!  Ah! you spotted the obvious p*ss take – of course not, the correct answer is North Sea oil and gas.  Scotland has plowed, or rather given up £1.7Tn into the Westminster coffers on this alone.  And guess what, guess why we are so important to them -well, that doesn’t even take a guess!

But of course there is more.  The Westminster Empire has to have its big boys toys.  We may not be a great nation any more, but Christ, look at how good a warring nation we are – that’s what we do best – just look at the carnage in the Middle East?  and guess what, we are supplying them with arms, picking up rebuild contracts after the carnage we created and sending a message to the world, ‘don’t mess with us, we are big boys and we have a very big ‘phallic’ weapon; it’s called Trident and it is very, very bad.  OK, there are some issues about housing it, but hell, don’t worry, we found the perfect spot.  On the Clyde at Faslane and Rosneath we are far enough away from the populated areas of the UK.  Ok, there is Glasgow just up the road but … they never really mattered anyway.  Even Churchy turned the guns on those socialists in George Square.  Anyway, there’s another big reason why they won’t be letting go of the stupid Scots; the ace up their sleeve??  OK you guessed; Mundell, Davidson, and of course the guys from across the bench have their sweetheart Dugdale.  And talking of consequentials, or rather inconsequentials they have their man Rennie just in case they need another fall guys, sorry, coalition.

And of course the usual lies …

Much has been made of Scotland’s poor record on education.  Did I say ‘made’? sorry I meant to say ‘made up’ thanks to Ruthless Davidson; liar elite.

But actually, Scotland does have an education problem, a serious education problem.  But it’s not the young people coming through.  No, they are doing just fine and let’s hope they can save us into the future…

So here is the real education crisis in Scotland …

The education crisis has hit areas such as Dumfries and Galloway really hard.  And the ones hit the hardest have been the middle aged, the elderly, and the hard of learning; I like to call them THE VOTERS.  It has hit them so devastatingly hard that they are taken in by the likes of Mundell and VOTED for him.

I’m serious, if we don’t try to educate people in these areas where the voters are voting for quislings then we all might as well give up and accept their solution; Servitude Scotland, the Land of Dependency, Benefit Junkies with kilts.

And that is the real challenge for Scotland.  How do we get through to people who are so blinkered, so narrow in the views, so aligned to something else that is not their fellow travelers, their community, their country.

My view is simple.  Brexit has given the UK an opportunity to be brave going forward.  Perhaps it is time Scotland should be brave.  Scotland has a very clear mandate for Self Determinate – SSD as i like to call it.  We should simply grasp the nettle and declare UDI under international law.  We would probably be very surprised at the nations who would support us – but we should be because we are a great nation.

But although we are a great nation, we have a beast in our belly.  This beast has a master outside our country.  If we declare UDI we would be cutting the head off the beast.  Perhaps then the Scottish society would slowly begin to heal and grow again.

If we are waiting for a democratic solution – guess what, it is not coming.  Democracy is a Weapon of Control and Westminster has all the levers.