I rest my EFIN case – why has nobody thought of this for the EU


My readers will know that I have always been passionate about Scottish Independence.  Before that I was passionate to leave the EU and long before that, in fact all my life I have been passionate about leaving the US.

I appreciate we do not have a Fiscal link with the US but they have dominated our country and the Western world for that matter since 1945.  They do this through control of the media, control of banking, control of computing and dragging us into their US Empire conflicts.  We could of course argue that the control goes even deeper and in fact it is Israel that is controlling the US.

It was a water shed day when the UK voted to leave the EU for all the right reasons.  However, the age of Trump’s America, that has probably revealed who in America actually has their hands on the tiller, was a massive wake-up call to us all.

Our only hope, in an Orwellian kind of triangle, is a strong Europe (Eurasia).  Sadly, Europe or rather the EU could not be weaker.  I don’t think Europe has ever been weaker than at present and here we are abandoning the sinking ship.

This period will go down in history – unless history stops very suddenly (cheers Trump) – as the age of the Lemming.  We are falling over a cliff and pulling everyone over with us.

This is not inevitable, necessarily.  However, as long as politics is dominated by ex-legal people and ex-journalists I’m afraid we are all on the Titanic rearranging the deckchairs.

If we had smart thinkers, business people, scientists, technologists, the intelligentsia, but with balls, at the helm we could easily come up with an enduring and sustainable future.

But, don’t expect solutions from procedural led legal people or story telling drama queens.  This takes much more than their intellectual horsepower.

OK so here goes: and remember this is just a quick study on principle:

We voted to leave the EU.  This was clearly for a number of very good reasons.  The EU was on a downward trajectory occasioned not least of all be a series of European blunders; arguably the biggest was the Schengen Agreement.  What muppet came up with that idea?  Probably the same guy who guided the Titanic into iceberg waters – but his was far more serious.

However, this was by no means the only blunder.  The UK (let’s say for now) was over-run by immigration, lost control of our Fiscal control and found ourselves dominated by bureaucratic nonsense.  We had to get out of the EU and that is what we voted for.  That said, a good friend of mine who has been an MEP since forever, wrote a book concerning Article 50.  Basically, Article 50 is the European equivalent of Hotel California.  A lot of people at the time may have thought that was nonsense.  They are not laughing now.  We are in room 101 of the Hotel California.

In the UK everyone has found themselves a camp.  We have the Brexiteers and the Remoaners.  You can always tell when we take something seriously; we give it a funny title.  The powers that be did not expect a ‘leave’ vote so were unprepared and had no plan.  Now the Remoaners are trying everything to delay or defer the ultimate conclusion and the merchants of doom are in full flight.  Probably the most prominent Remoaner is the BBC.

The one thing that is crystal clear is that absolutely nothing is clear.  It will never be clear and it will never be a good outcome if we remain with the approach we are following at present.

Basically, the EU do not want us to leave and will throw every obstruction in our way to block us and punish us for having the audacity to resign from their club.

But there is a way to resolve this for the benefit of all.  Of course May and Davis and their motley crew will never see this because they are already half way to hell in a handcart.

It’s actually quite simple.  Britain voted to leave the EU so leave it must do.  But what if there was no EU to leave?  Nobody thought of that one?  What if the principal countries of the EU recognised that their club is doomed – not because of the UK voting to leave but because they have screwed it up royally.    Aside from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are all basket cases.  They are bitterly opposed to the very same factors that caused the UK to vote OUT.  This is especially true of immigration and Schengen.  The problem is not immigration as such.  The problem is the complete disparity around the EU countries such as Greece operating in the same space as Germany and the fact that the US has meddled in so many countries creating a vast sea of refugees and asylum seekers flooding into the EU.

I fail to see how the EU can ignore these problems that will very quickly tear the whole EU project asunder.

If the EU recognised they had got the structure completely wrong and put in place initiatives to reconstitute the EU – let’s say, under the title the new European Federation of Independent Nations (EFIN) and that EFIN would replace the EU.  I’m sure many in Scotland will spot the irony where an acronym can also be an adjective!

Here are just a few vital initiatives. I’m sure the adults can come up with very many more.

  1. The old EU now EFIN has a number of Tiers.  Top Tier countries would include Germany, France and the UK based on eg GDP.  Trading agreements are instigated at the interface between each Tier.
  2. The Schengen Agreement is scrapped and replaced by a freedom of movement only within Tiers to prevent wholesale freedom of movement of economic migrants.  Economic migration can still move between Tiers but on a structured, controlled and needs must basis.
  3. Any country that creates refugees or asylum seekers through conflict is responsible and has a responsibility under EFIN Agreement for these people
  4. Trading tariffs are initiated within the EFIN and it’s Tiers.  These tariffs are designed to offer competitive trading arrangements.  However, this does not preclude deals outside EFIN or its Tiers under WTO or other trading agreements under normal commercial agreements. The skill is to ensure that normal trading within EFIN is always optimum and if it fails there is a commercial penalty.
  5. The Euro is a totally inappropriate blunt instrument.  Greece has shown how destructive it can be.  This was another thin edge of a wedge designed to move closure to a total European Nation.  The rest of the world manages just fine with their own currency and modern technologies negate any need for a single currency.  The EU consumes massive amounts of oil – they pay for this in $ USD.  The euro should either sit alongside a nations currency or be scrapped altogether.
  6. EFIN provides a Fiscal framework that presides as an oversight to each member’s Fiscal Authority.  EFIN Fiscal policy does not over-rule member policy.  However, unreasonable behaviour could attract commercial penalties to discourage members to behave in a Fiscally responsible manner
  7. EFIN provides a uniform and over arching structure for matters that cannot be delineated to members.  This would include such things as Defence, the Environment, Natural Disasters and Spread of Disease etc.


If the EU reformed to reconstitute itself into a fairer and more sensible body under EFIN this would send a very clear signal to all its members that there was a much better future for geographical Europe.  This change would be of a similar or probably greater magnitude to the original Common Market agreement back in the day.

Considering the journey of the EU from the first days of the Common Market up to today is a bit like a German who joined the library and discovered later that he was now a member of the Nazi Party.  Is it any wonder the EU has problems today.

And finally, with significant agreement on EFIN, if the UK went back to the country with this new blueprint and told the nation that the EU as we knew it, as we disapproved of it, will no longer exists and a new structure for Europe is in train – I would wager your rent money the country would vote to EFIN stay put.

I rest my case!