The SNP’s finest hour 8 June 2017

My hope is that everyone in Scotland gets a chance to read this at least once, so please pass it on.

I have been blogging now for over 4 years and my passion has always been Self Determination for Scotland.  I always hoped it would happen in my life time – read on….

On the morning of 9 June 2017 around 4 AM there it was.  The moment I had waited a lifetime for – result.

Then nothing!  Was I on another planet?  Did everybody miss it?  Surely I was not the only person in Scotland that was on that page.  Remember the date and time – 9 June 2017 around 4 AM.

If there was a failure of the SNP it was when they missed their success, they didn’t see it, they hadn’t noticed it – I don’t know what the hell happened but since that moment time has stood still and it is as if I am now in a state of suspended animation?

We did it, we bloody did – can’t you see?  waken up Scotland!  Seriously, go to the mirror, look yourself in the eye, engage your best hand and give yourself a good slap.  Ok, do it again and keep doing it until you knock some sense into yourself.  Then go and see Nicola and give her a good slap as well.

Christ! I hope you are not still puzzled – but just in case you are, let me say it like you are all 4.

All the major Parties have a Communications Director, a Spin Doctor if you will – an Alistair Campbell.  If you lost a leg they would rejoice that you just saved yourself 50% on shoes – you know the type!  Well,,, well, the SNP don’t apparently have one of them?  So let me explain:

Theresa May called a General Election for 8 June 2017 because, in her stupidity, she thought she was an enormous ‘shoe in’.  Immediate the 3 Stooges; Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie grabbed the initiative and made an almighty and collaborative blunder.  They recognised the difference between a Referendum and a General Election.

Let me rewind all the way back to 2014.  That was a referendum.  You get a question and you give an answer … daaaa.  Roll forward to 2015.  That was a General Election.  You produce a manifesto that basically lays out all the things you believe your target audience want to hear.  Of course, it is a load of bollocks.  They know it, we know it, everybody knows it but that’s the name of the game.

Now, for the hard of thinking:  In the Referendum of 2014, and putting aside the theories of election rigging etc, the NO camp won and we were relegate to forever wear these wee 45 badges like lepers.  By contrast, when it came to the General Election of 2015 there was no immediate prospect of an Independence vote so the people of Scotland gave the SNP possibly the biggest democratic victory of all time.  56 out of 59 is more than pretty good.  But, remember, it was a General Election.  A vote on policy from the manifesto, not a question.

On 8 June 2017 it was a GENERAL ELECTION.  Good, but keep up.  The parties produced their respective manifestos.  The SNP and the Greens and some others produced well though out and costed manifestos.  May, the lady not for turning (up) … didn’t really bother about a manifesto – remember she is an enormous ‘shoe in’.  Jeremy, God bless him, produced a great manifesto, most nicked from the SNP but really great for England.  OK, May railed him on his money tree – but she had already chopped her tree down, burnt it and sold off the ashes.  The LibDems produced one of those manifestos that even they don’t believe – no point anyway because they are going nowhere – except of course Nick Clegg – in his case Job Centre Plus.

Now the master stroke from the 3 muppets.  They couldn’t believe their luck.  They won the Referendum.  They lost the General Election.  In an incredible Iannucci style flip-flop they decided to:


OK, there you are, I just gave it away! their master strategy – their stroke of genius – their eternal piece of UTTER STUPIDITY – come on, what else did you expect; it’s Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie?

Now here is the question.  Did anyone in Scotland hear any reference to policy from the 3 Stooges?  Remember, Jeremy had a great manifesto but Blairite Dugdale hates him!  From the start of the General Election campaign the 3 Stooges were in a competition with each other to see who could squeeze the most references to ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ and ‘They don’t want another referendum’ in any given sentence.  And by Christ they were relentless.

So let me call it loud and clear.  From the perspective of Scotland, this was not a General Election.  Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie made sure this was a REFERENDUM  and that was how they were sure to win!

But here’s the thing?  IT ACTUALLY WAS A GENERAL ELECTION, A FIRST PAST THE POST SHOT – and readers, that was their crass stupidity.  The NO camp turned out in their droves to vote for the Stooges parties in this GENERAL REFERENDUM – that is exactly what they did.

Of course, as the rules of the General Election dictate, First Past The Post wins.  In Scotland with it’s 59 seats the line is drawn at 30, yes 30.

So, around 4 AM on 9 June 2017 Scotland hit the magic number – no, not the win on the General Election – Oh NO – the people of Scotland were actually voting on a REFERENDUM WITH GENERAL ELECTION RULES remember….

And because they did not see this one coming they didn’t even bother to put the fix in place, and guess what?


And here is a final thing, I actually think Jeremy Corbyn gets it, so …