Ode to a village idiot

In my last blog I explained a little about contingency planning, why they are necessary and why within Financial Services they are mandatory when faced with a potential change, such as the new Independent Scotland after 18 September 2014.

But let’s rewind and think about why we are having to explain the bleedin’ obvious.  Some journalist got sight of a contingency plan produced by Standard Life [read about it].  One option was to decant their operation; however, highly unlikely.  Of course no mention was made of any of the other, many, contingency options dependent on circumstances.

The reason no other options were revealed was because a) the journalist had mischief in mind and b) the journalist would probably not appreciate the purpose of a Business Contingency Plan.

I hope by now everyone will have realised that Standard Life will not be decanting their operation down south after a YES vote.

But here’s the thing.  Just imagine for a minute that Standard Life was to close their operation with the loss of 5,000 jobs.  That would be horrible for those involved.  Just as it was horrible and has been horrible for the last 50 years when hundreds of thousands, yes, hundreds of thousands, actually more than a million jobs i.e. Scots people thrown on to the scrapheap.

So why were these hundreds of thousands of jobs in shipping, heavy engineering, all the allied trades, steelworks, coal mining, locomotives, cars, sewing machines and on, and on, and on …  Because they could go.  No one was supporting our industries.  No one was championing our cause  NOBODY CARED, BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY THE SCOTS AND THEIR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT IN WESTMINSTER

If Scotland was an independent country does anybody with more than a single brain cell think that a country would allow it’s entire industrial base to fail, vast swathes of their service sector to vanish and the county’s whole future to be damned.


So, let’s be clear, this journalists thinks so little of the people of Scotland that they would TRADE THEIR INDEPENDENCE, the absence of which cost the country well in excess of 1,000,000 jobs and their whole industrial base for an imaginery threat to 5,000 jobs.



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  1. Patricia van der stighelen
    August 25, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Well said so true

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