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Trojan Horses – The Irony

I have resurrected a previous blog as it becomes even more relevant.   The Daily Record have published statistics showing the split of #Indy voters my national origin, [read the report] From my canvassing experience this was what I felt but put it down to an anomaly of my area.


In summary, a marked majority of Scots born in Scotland voted for Independence or as I prefer Self-Determination.  A slight majority of Scottish based nations from outside the UK voted #NO. However, an overwhelming number of Scottish based English; over 75% voted #NO.

Knocking on doors I was surprised at the number of older English people who had moved up to Scotland, perhaps to retire but retained family, relatives and friends in England.  They were, to a person, adamant that Scotland should remain within the UK.  This was clearly based on a belief that they felt that they would somehow be more remote if their family was now in a  separate country.

Scotland has benefitted hugely from immigration – I am a Belgian who came to Scotland in 1951.  The world has populated Scotland and Scotland as populated the world.  Wherever you go in the world, the minute you mention you are from Scotland there is a warm welcome.  The only place I have ever been where Scot don’t always get a warm reception – unfortunately, is England.  And I worked in the City of London for 25 years.

That said, in welcoming any and all immigrants whether refugees, economic migrants or whoever Scotland has earned it place on the world stage of compassion and inclusion.  However, Scotland like any other country in the world has a right to chose Self Determination without interference.

It is this final point that sticks in my throat.  Scotland has inadvertently welcome in Trojan horses from England.  Scotland’s media with the exception of just 1 national newspaper is controlled or owned in England.  Scotland’s entire broadcast media in controlled outside Scotland, mainly in England and Scotland’s politics is totally controlled in England.

So, please read on ….

My position on Brexit has always been clear.  I want Scotland out of the UK, out of the EU but more especially out of the US.

Nicola Sturgeon recognised the danger to Scotland in terms of what has been called by the media, a Hard Brexit.  I doesn’t really matter what it is called, she believes Scotland should have a significant say on the final deal agreed.  She has a duty and a responsibility to protect the citizens of Scotland

I think she is absolutely correct.  Circumstances have changed dramatically.  The person who sticks to their decision unshakably is a fool.  If you were diving into a pool and committed to do so but then discovered the water had been drained out – would you still dive in because you had given that commitment – of course not.

In the present climate with Donald Chump we should be very nervous – we may prefer the security afforded by a larger allegiance in Europe.  I also believe Jeremy Corbyn is correct in demanding that the people must decide.  Theresa May is behaving like an arrogant impetuous child.  She is completely out of her depth and has been for many years.

The impact on Scotland is so potentially serious I believe Nicola Sturgeon is correct to urge caution and to wait for further solid information from the negotiations regarding the deal on offer – especially since May cannot be trusted to conduct this in any form of competent manner – has she ever done anything overtly competent?  Accordingly, Nicola Sturgeon has placed the focus for the GE on Brexit and away from Self-Determination.

However, the other three so called leaders in Scotland have taken a conscious decision to make the General election a re-run of the 2014 Independence referendum – their decision.  Or is it.

That’s the point.  Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservative and Unionists and Scottish LibDems are not actually parties, they are branches of the main party in Westminster.  So, the leaders are actually just branch leaders.

These branch leaders take their instructions from Westminster – in every sense, another country.

In other words, and after watching the Tuesday night Leaders debate it was clear there is not an elephant in the room.  There are not 3 elephants in the room.  In actual fact:

THERE ARE 3 TROJAN HORSES IN THE ROOM.  THESE THREE BRANCH LEADERS TAKE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS FROM WESTMINSTER AND THEY ARE SIMPLY DOING AS THEY ARE TOLD – perhaps apart from Kezia who seems to be on a mission of her own, as we say in Glasgow, ‘like a dug wae a bone!’

People in this country who are prepared to vote for a party that exists entirely for the ambitions of a foreign political party are not patriots.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course they are not because they are following a much deeper, much darker agenda.  They are the secret Unionists.  They say little, appear seldom, skulk in the shadows and follow the instructions of a foreign power against a democratically elected party in their own country.

If people don’t like the SNP then vote for the Greens or an independent – if not, why not?

What exactly is the strength of their allegiance and to whom?

So here’s the thing – the savage iron:

Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie have declared the General Election a referendum on Scottish Independence.  If the SNP win 30 seats, not the current 56 (-1)  from 59 then according to the 3 stooges, Scotland has just voted for Self Determination – clear and done!  

Of course it is not likely that Scotland declares UDI, but perhaps if it is dragged out of the EU and taken to the brink – that may well be a realistic option – we’ll see.